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So today I wanted to talk about a woman who not only inspires me, but someone who has also provided me the opportunity to discover and fall in love with a magical world that she herself created, the world of Harry Potter. Yes of course I am talking about the one and only  J.K. Rowling.


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There are so many ways that J. K inspires me, and it’s hard to really know where to begin, but I will do my best. J. K. Rowling has been on quite a journey, from tirelessly working as a writer, taking care of her children as a single mother, creating one of the most fantastic book series in history, battling and overcoming depression as well as her tireless effort to support the many charities close to her heart.

Jo first and foremost inspires me because of her extraordinary talent and imagination. Harry Potter is amazing in so many ways, there are so many details in his world that Jo has created, the creatures we meet, the characters we fall in love with and the adventures they journey through are fantastic! Throughout the books Jo has used both influences from her personal life such as the dementor’s that consume happiness, which stems from her depression, and also uses her studies and the world around her too.

Grave stone in Edinburgh – The name Tom Riddle can be seen

Beyond the actual books Jo has written, her journey to get to where she is now has not been easy. After studying French and Classics at Exeter University, Jo went on to work in both London and Portugal before settling down in Edinburgh. As I’m sure you know, it was actually a train journey from Manchester to London where Jo was first struck with the Harry Potter idea. It was over the course of 5 years that Jo detailed the plot for all of the books and began writing the first in the series. During these five years, Jo’s marriage ended and she moved back to the UK as a single mother. Sadly Jo lost her mum and this resulted in Jo almost losing her way and dealing with depression.

Jo rose from these tough times, and fought hard to get her book published. Unbelievably 12 publishers turned down the manuscript for Harry Potter! It baffles belief now, but getting this book published was no easy feat. Even when Bloomsbury did pick it up they asked Jo to use her initials, even adding the K so that the books would appeal more to young boys, who were the initial target audience.

The books however appealed to just about everyone! There have been over 450 million copies sold worldwide, the books were adapted to the screen into the Harry Potter film series, there is now an amusement park dedicated to the Harry Potter world and a behind the scenes tour in London. I don’t think anything could have prepared Jo for the enormous success of these books, but it really is truly deserved. Jo has gone on to write two small volumes, based on Harry Potter novels mentioned in the books ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ and ‘Quidditch Through The Ages’. Jo Rowling has also written books for adults both under her own name and her pseudonym Robert Galbraith. Both books have gone on to be translated in over 37 languages, and to be another success for Jo.

Photo Credit- J K Rowling

Photo Credit- J K Rowling

I could gush about J.K.Rowling all day if I’m honest. But her work ethic, her life and her books truly speak for themselves. Jo Rowling will always be an inspiration to me because she is living proof that dreams do come true, as long as you are willing to work hard, to never give up and to believe in yourself.

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