Review: Invisi bobble!

Hi Everyone,

So today I wanted to talk about a recent new find, only a small thing, but I’m so happy I did discover them. I recently took a trip to Edinburgh for a weekend break, and one of the girls that I travelled with had this strange thing on her wrist, or at least I thought it was strange. I actually discovered that it was a bobble (hair tie). Not only was I taken by the unique look of the bobble, but my friend later explained that it is bobble that claims to prevent kinks or bumps in your hair from happening. So you can put it up in a bun or ponytail without worrying you will be left with a bump in your hair… sounds pretty good right?

After my trip, I kept my eye out for them and finally found the bobbles in Boots. I picked up two of the dark versions to match my hair colour and a bright pink pack as well. Mostly because I just love pink, but it’s good to have variety too 🙂 You get 3 bobbles in each pack, so I think it is pretty good. They are £3.75 per pack, at Boots, but I’m sure you can shop around.


I really like this product, having tried and tested it for the past couple of days. I wore the bobble overnight and the next day my hair did not have any marks or kinks to show. This is when my hair was straight, so I have yet to try it with my naturally curly hair. What I also like about the Invisi bobble is that you can wear them on your wrists to keep them safe, and they don’t try to embed themselves in your skin like the usual elastic bobbles.


The invis bobble is a refreshing product. As you may have seen from my previous post here, I have had problems when styling my hair and then if I want to change it, I have a big kink or dent in it. With these bobbles, I find that a quick brush through is all you need to then change your hair style. The bobbles are easy to wrap around without feeling like they will snap, and perfect for any style 🙂

Why not give them a try and no longer have those hair worries in the future!





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