Beauty Favourites for July!

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to show some love to my favourite beauty products. These are the current ones that I am obsessed with. You know when you just find a product, and as soon as you start using it in your routine it is hard to imagine life without it. Well these are the current products that I can’t live without some are old favourites and some new finds. Enjoy!

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I have a few different beauty items that I want to discuss today, firstly is something that I have only recently added to my beauty regime. The Laura Mercier Hydrating foundation primer! As you may have seen from a previous post, I had never tried primer until a member of staff at the Laura Mercier counter used some on my face before trialling another product. I decided to invest and I am so glad I did! It instantly makes your face feel smooth, moisturised and refreshed! I highly recommend a primer, not that it has to Laura Mercier, but if you are looking for one I do think Laura Mercier is fantastic! (You all should know by now how much I love their Brightening powder).

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My next favourite, is the Body Shop ‘Tea tree Blemish fade night lotion‘. I actually decided to try this after reading a review from Bronzer and books which you can see here. I really like this product. It’s a night cream to help improve your skin from blemishes and even scars. I have quite good skin, but do have a problem area around my chin so using this has really helped. I love this cream so far, its effective and not too pricey 🙂 perfect!

This next item is something I really, really love for my hair. The TRESemme 24 hour body powder. It’s hard to describe the texture of it, but basically if you can imagine what static would feel like as a powder form then that’s pretty much it. I have quite flat hair when it’s straight and I don’t find hairspray works that well. With this powder you can still backcomb, but if not use simply sprinkle this on, rub it in and you have instant volume! It’s not something I use daily as you do sometimes need to wash your hair after this product has been used a few times. But I highly recommend it 🙂

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I know I do go on about the Body Shop products, but I think if you are to use a body scrub, then this is definitely the shop you want to go. The scrub I use the most is the coconut one as I have a love for all things coconut! Coconut oil, coconut water, scrubs, body butters…the list is endless and all smells amazing!

My final Body shop product is the Vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser. Recently I reviewed this and I honestly still love this product since I first tried it. I can’t begin to describe the gorgeous smell! It is so good, so refreshing and makes you almost want to lick it because it looks good too. A great daytime moisturiser, light and perfect for everyday use.

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A hair product I love, and think every girl can agree is Dry shampoo. The Batiste range is my favourite. Again with tropical, coconut smells, and lots of others to choose from, these dry shampoo products are essential for me as I use them all the time for the gym and just when I’m feeling a little lazy to be honest. You can get large bottles and miniature bottles, which are so useful. This is a product that will always be in my gym bag!

And finally when I’m not coating myself in coconut I am currently really loving the Sarah Jessica Parker perfume ‘Lovely’. Perfectly named, it is a gorgeous smell and feels quite fitting for the warmer weather. These are just a few things I am currently loving and if you want to try, then I don’t think you’ll be sorry!

Thank you  for reading and to Bronzer and books too for recommending the Tea tree cream 🙂





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