The benefits of moisture socks

Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted to discuss something that no one really likes to think about…Feet! Now I am one of those people who just doesn’t like feet. I don’t know what it is about them that makes everyone hate them, but we do. However, if we need to stare at our feet, then at the very least they can be in good condition.

Photo Credit: The Body Shop I do not own this photograph

Now I am someone who suffers from dry skin on my feet, and I have to make sure to take care of them. I use a variety of methods such as the oh so attractive Ped egg, foot baths  and what I believe is the most effective, moisture socks. I personally use the Body shop ‘Thirsty Feet Moisture socks‘ and find that paired with a strong body butter or foot cream they really are very effective. I do think that using a foot file or like I choose a Ped Egg is the only way to make sure that you avoid any cracked heels and extremely dry toes.

I personally don’t use a foot file every night, but I most definitely recommend using these moisture socks on a nightly basis. Just before going to sleep, add this to your nightly routine and you will feel the benefit immediately!

What are your must haves for your beauty routine? Let me know below





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