Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and Secret Brightening Powder : Review!

Hello everyone,

So I recently purchased some Laura Mercier products, and thought I would combine them together in one review. Anyone who has read my previous posts knows that I am not a makeup expert so these reviews are just to show my opinion and experience of these products 🙂

Foundation primer:


The Laura Mercier primer was somewhat of an impulse buy, but I’m so glad I finally took the plunge.  The woman who helped me at Laura Mercier in Manchester was so lovely and explained the importance of using primer, so I finally decided to invest. The Foundation primer is a really great product, it is my first experience with primer, so I’m not sure if this a typical thing, but my favourite part of using it is how smooth it is! I put a small amount on and it makes my skin feel so smooth and ready for my makeup, so I love it. I can wear my makeup for over 7 hours and still it stays in tact, this primer has made such a difference in my makeup routine! It stays in place, and even if the weather becomes hot, there is no risk of my makeup running or even really needing to be topped up. I use a small amount that is more than enough to cover my face, and smooth it on before using my foundation. This is just a really great addition to my makeup routine, and something that whilst you can’t see the benefits, you can certainly feel them. I am a primer convert and fast becoming a very strong fan of Laura Mercier!

Secret Brightening Powder :

The Brightening powder is why I actually went to Laura Mercier to begin with after seeing good reviews and watching one my favourite instagram girls (Brianna Traynor) use it in an amazing make up tutorial here. I have to say, this product lived up to my expectations! This is to go under the eyes, to further add to your concealer and brighten your eyes! I am someone who suffers from very dark circle so this product is amazing to me! Now they did say there are two shades, one for lighter skin and another for the darker complexion. I actually got the lighter skin product, as the other was not available and after testing this in store it worked on my complexion. I am mixed raced, but quite pale compared to my family, so that’s why it works for me.


I do recommend consulting with the staff to make sure it is right for you. Whilst the secret brightening powder is not an essential makeup tool, I find it a great part of my makeup routine when i need a little extra to hide my dark circles and just to add a little extra glam to a look. It’s great to apply it and leave it to set in before actually fully blending into your concealer, as this means it will not budge for the day.


I am continually looking to expand my makeup knowledge, and explore the wonderful products out there. Laura mercier is definitely on my list of favourites! What are your favourite products? Let me know in the comments





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