Netflix Obsessions: My Top 4 shows!


Today I wanted to discuss a real problem of mine. My name is Adele and I am a Netlfix addict!

Honestly, this is partly because I don’t currently have a working aerial for my TV and also just because Netflix is so damn good! So I am listing my top 5 shows that I am currently addicted to. This is not a case of number one is the best or 5 is the worst, as I honestly can’t decide.

1. Orange is the new black

There are several reasons why everyone should be watching this show. Its clever, fresh, hilarious and actually very touching. I love how amazing and successful this show has become, considering I was not keen to watch it at all when my brother recommend it, but I am a total convert. I am so excited for season 3 to be released I have to distract myself with others shows just to stray calm. What is also wonderful is just how great the actors are on this show, and there is a very strong sense of girl power! OITNB is an exciting show that is not predictable at all. Get watching everyone!

2. Pretty Little Liars

Though this is not a Netflix original, I am so thankful the show is available on Netflix. I have been a fan since it was first aired, and have continued to watch religiously.Trying to explain what this show is about would be a post in itself, but if you like teen drama, murder mystery and quite a bit of comic relief at times this is a great show for you! It again ,is addictive to watch and can be quite frightening at times but always entertaining. I think some people see the title and think it won’t be very good, but don’t let that deter you, this is a fantastic show!

3. Once upon a time

Now this is a new favourite of mine. I only started watching this show last week and already I am on season two and obsessed! Honestly I watch this when I wake up, when I am on the bus, on my way home from work and before I go to sleep. I hold this show partially responsible for my little break away from a new blog post. It is so, so clever. Basically the main plot is that all of the fairytale characters we know and love are transported to the real world on earth, and have forgotten who they really are. It will take one woman to remind them and break the curse they are under. What I love is that the show also focuses on flashbacks to the characters when they are still in the fairy tale and shows how they become who they are. It is incredibly smart writing, and just makes you fall in love with the childhood tales you once loved all over again.

4. House of cards

This is a surprise show to me. I heard great things, but I wasn’t too keen to watch a political drama. However, I was looking for something to watch since pretty little liars had finished and decided to give it a chance. I wouldn’t call this show a must watch, but is is very entertaining in an odd way. It’s the kind of show you will watch, and maybe not love but you have to see what happens next. I got through the seasons quickly for that very reason, there was always a cliffhanger and I just wanted to see what would happen!

If you have Netflix then I suggest you watch these shows…what else would you guys recommend?





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