Manchester Adventure…

Hello everyone, again!

So yesterday I had a fun-filled day with a few twists and turns along the way. I planned a trip to Manchester to meet a new friend of mine named Vanille, we actually met through the tone it up community so it was our first time talking face to face. I have to say it was slightly like going on a blind date not knowing if it would actually be the person you think. (Thankfully it was Vanille).

I started the day with the best intentions, as usual I was early to leave my house, I hate being late so I am the type of person to arrive 20 minutes early for everything! However, Saturday was clearly not my day. I decided that I would stupidly get on the wrong bus, which I then had to get off before realising that I did not have enough bus fare to go back in the opposite direction. Taxi time!

After walking around to find a street name and feeling sorry for myself, I finally called a taxi to get myself to the train station,  having already missed my original train. Once there I was quite happy that I would make the next train, so patiently waiting I watched as the Scarborough train happily rolled away not thinking much of it, until I took another glance at where it was stopping… Manchester Piccadilly! So silly me I clearly can’t read, I then had to text poor Vanille to say I would be another hour. My luck ladies and gents!

When I finally managed to do something right and get on the train it was all systems go. After arriving in Manchester, I found Vanille and we had a really lovely day, Starbucks was our first point of call, and I’m so glad I did as a coffee was exactly what I needed before the shopping ahead. I haven’t been to Manchester in quite a few years so it was nice to have a tour guide.

We went to the usual high street stores, Topshop and Zara among others. I purchased some new makeup from both Mac and Laura Mercier after seeing some great reviews. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think and maybe a full review myself. I am also so happy I finally bought a summer jacket. Lightweight and casual is just what I was looking for.

I also picked up some of my favourite leggings from Topshop. Just in black, simple but works for every occasion. Vanille also picked up some great clothes from Zara,  they have wonderful summer options so I highly recommend taking a look.

We ended the day in my favourite way possible. With pizza and wine! Yay 🙂 Vanille and I got to talk more about life and careers, just the general girly chit-chat too. It was a brilliant day, we bonded and it felt like we have been friends far longer than a few weeks. That’s what’s so wonderful about the Internet. In a world that also can be full of internet trolls, hateful people, and quite frankly spiteful people, it’s so great to use it as a way of creating a bond and a friendship.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday and it was also lovely to get out of Liverpool for the day too. I haven’t treated myself to anything from the shops in quite some time, so it was fun to window shop, pick some items I’ve wanted for a long time and indulge ever so slightly. My bank balance may not appreciate it but hey, I won’t regret it until the week before payday! I promise I will review, the products I bought and let you know how they go too.

Have a great Sunday everyone!



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