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Hi everyone,

Well true to my word, I did wake up early and get some much needed exercise done today. I say much needed as I haven’t been feeling myself recently, and I think my lack of gym motivation is partly responsible for that. I am the first to admit that the idea of exercise, and even during exercise sometimes, you can’t think of anything worse. I know I would always prefer to be drinking a glass of wine, or enjoying a nice walk rather than a run! But there comes a point, whether it’s during that Plank hold, or when you are trying your hardest to make it to the end of a set without quitting that you get a sense of empowerment and strength to carry on and keep pushing.

It may also have something to do with the music choices I have for the gym, but seriously listening to Kanye West whilst lifting weights, its about as close to feeling like a bad ass as I’ll ever get!

I also think it is important to vary your workouts, because I could not just go to the gym and run on a treadmill for an hour. It may work for some, but I get distracted and bored to easily for that. I mentioned in my last post that I follow the Tone it Up plan, and I do  90% of the time. It’s a great plan and allows you to connect with so many great women all over the world, the meals are healthy but still delicious, which is why I want to up my game and commit to myself and to ultimately help me feel great in my body (I’ve included photos of my typical meals).

It’s not even about losing weight, I was on a serious gym kick last year and i was happier, I slept better, and people around could see that. I miss that feeling, and especially as I am currently trying to figure out what’s next and looking for a new job, anyway I can improve my happiness in other ways is certainly a step I want to take!

If you have any favourite workout tips or how you stay motivated, leave a comment below… trust me I could use the help!




*If you want to know more about Tone it up, check out the link in the blog 🙂


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