Bank holiday fun!

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone in the UK had a wonderful bank holiday.

I spent mine celebrating my sisters birthday and having a family BBQ. Now I am a vegetarian so all my food was quorn or tesco meat free and it was delicious! I have been veggie for almost ten years now though so I’m used to the meat free stuff 🙂 it was just a family BBQ so we had my niece and nephew as well as my brother, it was a really lovely day although the weather could have been better. But we are in the UK so I’ll take what I can get.

(The hat belongs to my dad, this is not exactly my usual look lol).

Now as much as I enjoyed every bite of the BBQ food, I now find myself in little bit of a pickle. Can you say muffin top? Because that’s what I have now after indulging on corn, jacket potatoes, burgers, hot dogs, birthday cake and ice cream….phew!

But that’s what birthdays are for I suppose. Not going too over board, but just remembering that you need to give yourself a break every now and again.

I am making sure I go back to the gym tomorrow though. I have gotten a little behind with my routine, but I’m really motivated to get back to it. I used to go 5 days a week but haven’t been able to gather the strength to get out of bed lately 🙁

I follow the Tone it Up plan and right now I am part of the bikini series so I need to up my game guys. I don’t really love exercise but I absolutely love the way I feel after it. If you commit to a healthier lifestyle, it really does give you so much confidence. I will always enjoy a glass of wine and pizza, but getting up and starting my day running or lifting weights just makes my day brighter.

I may do a blog post about my workouts and general updates, so stay tuned. And if I don’t post one tomorrow ask me why! I shouldn’t have any excuses 🙂

Thanks everyone




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